October 18, 2021

City to Vaccinate Raccoons Against Rabies in Manhattan – nyc.gov

The Wellness Department as well as New York City Parks will distribute dental rabies vaccine baits to vaccinate raccoons and also secure them from rabies infection

New Yorkers must stay clear of cal…….


The Wellness Department as well as New York City Parks will distribute dental rabies vaccine baits to vaccinate raccoons and also secure them from rabies infection

New Yorkers must stay clear of call with wild pets as well as immunize their family pets versus rabies

June 15, 2021– The Health Division as well as New York City Parks today started vaccinating raccoons versus rabies in New York City. Raccoons can get sick with rabies as well as potentially spread out the infection to other animals or people. Because 2014, New York City has been immunizing raccoons versus rabies to aid maintain them healthy, making use of bait that contain an oral rabies injection (ORV).

“Rabies can be deadly for people and pets,” stated Wellness Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi. “New Yorkers must guarantee their pet dogs are up to day on inoculations as well as avoid communications with wild animals. From rabies in raccoons to COVID in our City, injections work to help keep New Yorkers safe this summer.”

“Raccoons are an all-natural part of our city,” stated Richard Simon Wild Animals Device Supervisor for NYC Parks. “Although it’s really uncommon to come right into contact with a wild raccoon, we intend to advise all New Yorkers that if you see a raccoon, you must provide space – never ever technique or try to feed them. We’re grateful for the Department of Health and wellness for their collaboration in taking this preventative procedure to encourage healthier wild animals in our parks.”

On Tuesday, June 15, the Health Department and also New York City Parks will certainly distribute ORV baits in Manhattan’s Inwood Hillside and also Fort Tryon Parks as part of an ongoing effort to remove the virus from Manhattan. Additional inoculation efforts are planned for other districts in the months in advance.

The tiny, brown tinted ORV lures are fish-scented and look like a catsup packet which conceals a percentage of pink, fluid vaccination. Raccoons are drawn in to the odor as well as when they eat the lure, they can become vaccinated, which protects them versus rabies infection.

The bait itself does not hurt people, yet in exceptionally unusual circumstances, exposure to the liquid might cause a breakout. In the not likely event someone can be found in contact with the fluid, they must wash hands with warm, soapy water, speak to their medical professional, and alert the Toxin Nerve center at 1-800-222-1222. The bait is not dangerous to animals as well as can not cause rabies, however it can create throwing up if numerous baits are taken in. If animals find the lure, do not attempt to take it far from them to avoid being bitten as well as subjected to the vaccine.

Thirteen rabid pets have actually been located throughout the 5 districts to date in 2021: 1 raccoon and also 1 pet cat from Bronx, 7 raccoons and 2 cats from Staten Island, 1 raccoon from Manhattan, and 1 from Queens.

Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral illness. It can infect individuals as well as animals if they are attacked by a rabid animal. In New York City, rabies is mainly located in raccoons. The rabies infection contaminates the central nervous system. If an individual or pet dog does not obtain the ideal healthcare after a possible rabies exposure, the virus can cause disease in the mind, eventually leading to fatality. Rabies can be stopped by vaccinating pets, keeping away from wildlife, and looking for treatment after prospective exposures before symptoms begin.


  • Raccoons stay in New York City; if seen during the day be cautious however not alarmed. Being out during the day does not suggest it is wild, it may just be trying to find food.
  • Do not feed raccoons.
  • Observe raccoons from a distance. For more information about raccoons, see Wildlife NYC.

To protect on your own against rabies:

  • Do not touch or feed wild pets, roaming dogs or felines.
  • Maintain trash in snugly secured containers to avoid drawing in wildlife.
  • Stay away from any animal that is behaving strongly.
  • Steer clear of from any type of wild pet that appears sick or acts abnormally friendly. Call 311 to report an unwell animal.
  • Pets that have assaulted, or seem likely to attack, must be reported to 911.
  • Do not attempt to different animals that are dealing with.

To safeguard your animal versus rabies:

  • Vaccinate your animals, ensure their vaccinations are up to day and keep them leashed.
  • Maintain your dog leashed while outdoors.
  • Do not leave your family pets outdoors neglected.
  • If your pet dog has touched with a pet that may be wild, call your vet promptly and also report the event to 311.
  • Feed animals inside.

If you are bitten or scratched by a pet:

  • Quickly clean the injury with great deals of soap as well as water.
  • Seek healthcare from your healthcare company.
  • If the animal is not possessed, as well as can be recorded, call 311.
  • If the animal is a family pet, obtain the proprietor’s name, address and also telephone number so the Health and wellness Division can monitor the animal.
  • To report a bite, call the Pet Bite Device (212-676-2483) in between 9 a.m. as well as 5 p.m. during the week. During the night or on weekends, call 212-POISONS (764-7667).
  • For info regarding clinical follow-up, call 311 or your medical service provider.

For additional information concerning rabies in New york city City, browse through www.nyc.gov/health/rabies.

For more details on the Oral Rabies Vaccination, please visit the following sites:

New York City State Division of Health: http://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/zoonoses/rabies/vaccfact.htm

USA Division of Agriculture Animal as well as Plant Health And Wellness Examination Solution, National Rabies Monitoring Program: http://tinyurl.com/usda-rabies


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