October 18, 2021

Effort Launches to Vaccinate Raccoons Against Rabies in All Five Boroughs – nyc.gov

The Wellness Department, NYC Parks, USDA and also Cornell College will disperse dental rabies vaccination to inoculate raccoons as well as protect them from infection with rabies

New Yorkers need to …….


The Wellness Department, NYC Parks, USDA and also Cornell College will disperse dental rabies vaccination to inoculate raccoons as well as protect them from infection with rabies

New Yorkers need to always prevent call with wild pets and also immunize their pets against rabies

September 21, 2021– The Wellness Division, along with City companies, federal and also scholastic companions, is releasing an effort to immunize raccoons versus rabies in New York City.

“Rabies can result in serious issues for humans and our family pets, consisting of death,” stated Health and wellness Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi. “New Yorkers need to ensure their pet dogs depend on date on rabies vaccinations and preserve range from wildlife. If you see an animal you think to be acting oddly, please phone call 311.”

Wild animals biologists with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will distribute private baits including an oral rabies vaccine, utilizing bait stations or hand throwing, in woody areas in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with October. The Health Department will certainly additionally fly a helicopter at low altitudes to release vaccine lures on Staten Island’s woody as well as marshy areas, as well as the Portal National Recreation Location in Brooklyn as well as Queens during early to mid-October (climate reliant).

“About 1.6 million baits are targeted for control of raccoon rabies in New York State during 2021, with 72,000 marked for New york city City,” said Dr. Laura L. Bigler, Wild Animals Rabies Vaccination Program Coordinator at Cornell University. “Annually, 9 million baits are dispersed by USDA as well as numerous state/local cooperators in the eastern United States, with the supreme objective of eliminating this really pricey, deadly illness that impacts all mammals.”

The little, brown tinted baits are fish-scented as well as appear like a catsup package which hides a percentage of pink, fluid vaccination. Raccoons are attracted to the odor, and when raccoons eat the bait, they can end up being inoculated, shielding them against rabies infection.

The lure itself does not damage people, however in very unusual circumstances, direct exposure to the liquid may cause a breakout. In the not likely event someone is available in call with the fluid, they need to wash hands with cozy, soapy water, speak with their physician, and inform the NYC Toxin Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. The bait is not dangerous to family pets and can not trigger rabies, but it can cause vomiting if a number of lures are taken in. If pet dogs find the bait, do not attempt to take it far from them to stay clear of being bitten as well as revealed to the vaccine.

Rabies is a deadly however preventable viral illness. It can infect individuals and family pets if they are attacked by a crazed pet. In New York City, rabies is mostly found in raccoons. The rabies infection contaminates the main nerves. If a person or pet dog does not receive the proper medical care after a potential rabies direct exposure, the infection can trigger condition in the mind, eventually resulting in death. Rabies can be stopped by immunizing pets, steering clear of from wildlife, and also looking for treatment after potential exposures before signs begin.


  • Raccoons reside in New York City and also if seen during the day be cautious yet not distressed. Being out during the day does not suggest it is crazed, it may just be seeking food.
  • Do not feed raccoons.
  • Observe raccoons from a range.
  • For more details regarding raccoons, check out WildlifeNYC.

To safeguard on your own against rabies:

  • Do not touch or feed wild pets, roaming canines or felines.
  • Keep waste in tightly sealed containers.
  • Stay away from any animal that is behaving strongly.
  • Stay away from any type of wild animal that appears sick or acts uncommonly friendly. Call 311 to report a sick pet.
  • Animals that have attacked, or show up most likely to strike, must be reported to 911.
  • Do not attempt to different battling animals.

To secure your animal against rabies:

  • Keep pet inoculations approximately date and also maintain them leashed.
  • Keep your pet leashed while outdoors.
  • Do not leave your pets outdoors ignored.
  • If your pet dog has actually touched with an animal that could be wild, call your vet quickly and report the occurrence to 311.
  • Feed family pets indoors.

If you are attacked or damaged by a pet:

  • Right away wash the wound with great deals of soap as well as water.
  • Seek medical care from your healthcare carrier.
  • If the animal is not owned, and also can be caught by authorized personnel, call 311.
  • If the pet is a family pet, get the proprietor’s name, address and also phone number so the Health and wellness Division can keep track of the animal.
  • To report a bite, call the Animal Bite Unit (212-676-2483) in between 9 a.m. as well as 5 p.m. during the week. At night or on weekends, call 212-POISONS (764-7667).
  • For information concerning medical follow-up, phone call 311 or your medical company.

For more information about rabies in New york city City, browse through www.nyc.gov/health/rabies.

For additional information on the Oral Rabies Vaccination, please visit the adhering to sites:

New York City State Division of Health:

USA Department of Farming Animal as well as Plant Health And Wellness Assessment Solution, National Rabies Management Program: http://tinyurl.com/usda-rabies


# 039-21

USDA: Tanya Espinosa, (301) 851-4092
Cornell University: Laura Bigler, (607) 759-1367
NYC Health and wellness Division: [email protected]!.?.!

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